Sorority Assistance

A virtual assistance service aimed at non-profits and businesses that empower women and marginalized communities.

What we can do for you

Website Building & Maintenance

We create websites that not only look good, but perform even better: simple to navigate for you and your audience.

Social Media Management

For us, social media is all about creating a community. We design and scheule posts, run ads, and lay out solid communitcation strategies. 

Copywriting and translation

What you say it’s as important as you say it. We write and translate in Spanish, English and French. Get your message out there!

General Admin

Calendar management, bookkeeping, email marketing, research, proofreading. You name, we got you. 

Human Resources and Team Management.

We’re passionate about healthy work environments. We connect you with the right people and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Customer Service

Taking good care of your clients and collaborators is key to success. We provide customer support in Spanish, English, and French. 

Reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant

Different people have different reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant. Some are looking to reduce operational costs and office space, some need to save time to focus on what they’re really good at or to be with their loved ones. But we can do so much more! We not only make things easier, we make them effective. 

We’re on the same side!

We found that people are happier working with those who think alike. We not only provide quality services, but we’re also aware of the impact our clients make in the world and the struggles they face to stay true to their values. After all, we fight for the same ideals.

Get Started Today

We provide a free consultation, where we’ll assess what can be done to improve your organization, we’ll talk to the services we can provide, and refer you to other socially responsible businesses for the services we can’t help you with. We’ll make sure you get the most out of this meeting!