Online support for non-profits and businesses

that empower

women and minorities.

What We Do

We provide a wide variety of online services (including social media management, content creation, and SEO optimization, among others) for non-profits and businesses that empower women and minorities, so they can focus on making the world a better place while we take care of the back-end.

We care

We believe that we all work better when we work with like-minded people. When you know your crew isn’t there just because of the money but because your cause is theirs too, you know they’ll do their best. Our team cares deeply about social issues, and we try to make the world a better place during and after business hours.

Hi there! My name is Indira! I was born and raised in Argentina, but I haven’t been there for the past two years (wow, two years already?!) since I’ve been digital-nomading around the world with my son.

I’m a feminist, and the creator and founder of Sorority Assistance, where my team and I serve non-profits and businesses that empower women and minorities. As someone who is deeply involved in human rights movements, being able to work for what I believe before, during, and after business hours is one of my greatest joys in life.

When I’m not helping my clients with their social media or attending meetings (or, well, you know, being a mom or exploring a new city), you can find me at the nearest protest or catching up with my friends over the phone.

Over the years, I’ve always dreamt of the life I’m living now, but it’ll never be enough if we’re not all able to say the same. The world won’t change itself, and it’s on us to make it a safer and happier place for everyone. Can’t wait to see what that looks like!

– Administrative support

– Customer service

– Translations

– Social media management


– Content creation

– E-mail marketing

– Google Ads

– Facebook & Instagram Ads

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